Shop Smarter with Shopz

Shop Smarter with Shopz

Shopz is a geo-location shopping experience that hunts for the best deals on clothing in stores
around you.

We all know this story too well. You save up to buy a piece of clothing that you adore, stalk this article online, compare prices at different retailers, until one day you decide to take the plunge and make the purchase. Deeply satisfied with the new investment, you leave the store with your latest prized possession…then disappointment sets in. The same item you covet is on sale around the corner. With all of your research, why didn’t you know about this?!

Every year we waste thousands upon thousands of dollars paying the retailer’s price on clothing, simply because we have not been aware of sales. Shopz says no more! Shopz scouts for deals around you when you are out shopping, and if there is a more targeted shopping mission, use Shopz to get notifications on the markdowns you care about. Be a savvy shopper. Get what you want at the best price.

So go ahead and unsubscribe from all of those newsletters that are cluttering up your inbox; have deals that you care about sent directly to your phone!

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